Strawberry Nut Whiz

This was one of the first RAW recipes that I tried out for myself at home and it was Love at First Taste…

Back in 2011, when I first started to put health at the top of my priorities, I attended a course run by Rob Slinger of Raw Evolution, a great guy who has an amazing passion for life, adventure and the environment. It was during this course that I discovered RAW foods and one of the great take always was this simple recipe for a high-class strawberry milkshake without the junk!

I often have this for breakfast as a weekend treat, but do make sure I have a green juice later in the day to balance things out a bit.

1 cup of almonds (Pre soaked if possible for 8-12 hours)
2 cups of water (3 if the almonds have not been soaked)
4-8 strawberries
1 medjool date OR 1Tbsp of agave nectar

1. Place the almonds and water in a blender and blend on high speed until the nuts are completely broken.
(What you have here is unstrained almond milk!)

2. Strain the almond milk through a fine sieve, or a nut milk bag, into a bowl or jug. discard the pulp or see notes below:- What to do with the nut pulp

3. Rinse the blender and add back in the strained nut milk.

4. Add the strawberries and dates (or Agave Nectar) and blend.

5. Taste for strength of flavour and sweetness and add more strawberries for flavour, or more dates ( or agave nectar) for sweetness.

6. Serve and enjoy.

The mixture also makes a great base for ice-cream. Either pour into a lidded container and freeze or use an ice-cream machine.

To Soak or not to soak
Some raw nuts and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors, to stop them spontaneously growing… This is a totally natural trick that was just as Mother Nature intended! Soaking nuts is important as not only does it make them easier to blend, but it removes the enzymes inhibitors and makes them easier to digest.

On busy days, for this recipe I have been known to just whizz the unsoaked almonds, although personally the taste is better when the nuts have been soaked overnight. If you do use unsoaked almonds, be sure to add an extra cup of water!

What to do with the nut pulp
Personally, I don’t strain the almond milk… I love the texture of the milk shake with the almond pulp left in. It produces a consistency more like a smoothie and makes a fulling breakfast treat. When I do have almond pulp I rarely bin it, as that always seems such a waste. Here’s what you could do with it:-

  • Put it on the compost
  • Save and use for a dessert recipe later in the day
  • If you have a dehydrator, dehydrate into almond flour

Top Tip
If you don’t have a nut milk bag or a fine sieve… Knee High’s are a perfect budget option for straining nut milk. Make sure you are using a brand new one and give it a quick rinse before you do use it for this purpose. Be warned – have patience and do not squeeze too hard… Knee High’s can split and the resulting mess takes a lot of cleaning up!

If you are gentle enough the same knee high can be used several times.

One day in the future, I’ll share some fab Raw Muffin recipes that I save all my almond flour for..

Until then Live Life with Passion.

Tracy x

This time last week I was…

It’s been 2 days since I arrived home from my first ever health retreat and I still keep hearing those words in my head, you know the ones many of us hear when we get back from a great trip!

This time last week I was…

As I write this, I had in fact just finished watching a very thought provoking documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by a guy called Joe Cross. The video was about Joe’s journey back to health as he travelled for 60 days across the USA on a diet of juice… yep that’s right just juice.

Joe’s story was phenomenal, but what moved me most was the sub story of Phil Staples, a trucker Joe met on his journey. Phil was described as one cheeseburger away from a heart attack and, inspired by Joe, Phil also went on his own epic journey back to health through juicing and went on to find his own purpose in life, to inspire others to a healthier life though juice.

You can imagine, my 7 days on a diet of juice seemed like a walk in the park after watching this documentary.

I had juiced prior to the retreat, but for me personally I needed to combine these 7 days of juicing with exercise and lots of it. The retreat at Juicy Mountain was perfect for this, the days were full of Rebounding, Mediation, Yoga, Walk, fitness and volleyball followed by more rebounding and yoga. The great thing about Juicy Mountain is that it isn’t a boot camp, you can do as much or as little as you chose! Me, I got hooked on yoga and discovered it isn’t as restful as it first appears, the day sessions were serious workout stuff and the evening sessions were no let up either.

Picture of the view fom Juicy Mountain

View from Juicy Mountain

The days went past all too fast and soon enough the week was over, but for once I came home weighing less than I did at the start (most trips away result in an increase of weight for me), but I also came home with renewed inspiration for raw food and momentum to add exercise to my daily life. I did gain in one area, and that was friendships! I met several new people all on their own unique journeys last week and each with their own challenges and accomplishments.

Life after the retreat will be what each of us makes it – me I was inspired by Joe and Phil so much, that I am spending the next three weeks continuing to juice and detox, with my goal to reach my ideal weight and lose my own extra lbs, the Juice Master way.

This blog is my gift back to the new friends from Juicy Mountain Retreat 17th – 24th May 2013. In it I will post some of my favourite RAW food recipes and tips to help those of you looking into RAW food for the first time, I hope you enjoy!

More details on retreats to Juicy Mountain in Turkey, and other Juice Master retreats can be found at

Check out the website for Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead if you are interested in the film documentary by Joe Cross.

Until the first recipe posting…
Live Life with Passion

Tracy x